Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pressed decklid 47-49 beetle

Recently found this decklid by accident at my fathers neighbour. What is the odds of that!
Its been hanging on the old guys garage for almost 40 years just waiting to be found.
From the backside it looks like it was originally black. The popes nose is also without rivets so i believe its from a 49 beetle. First thing that crossed my mind was of course - where is the rest of the car??..

I have no use for it myself. Only bought it because it can change hands if it in some sort of way can help the split convertible with funds or parts. So, if your interessted don't hesitate to contact me. Most of all I would like to trade (+/- money) for split and split convertible parts. I especially need pre 55 floor pans, pre 52 front fenders, pre 52 rear view mirror for convertible or maybe some cool split-only accessories.

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